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  • I came across Justin's expertise a couple of years ago when I just wasn't feeling motivated. I was a former college athlete and seemed to have just burned out on staying in shape. It had always come easy for me, but for the first time in my life I found myself dreading having to go to the gym. I had a class or 2 with Justin though and explained to him what I was going through and he encouraged me with verbal motivation, which it's easier to maintain than it is to get to where you want to be, and by setting up a plan of action. I found the desire to go back to the gym after battling it for a month or so. Justin rocks and knows what he is doing. I'm proof of that and that was while he was still in his graduate program. He even checks in on me to see how I'm doing after the relationship we built over the course of training.   Thanks Justin!
    Michael R.
  • I took a great beach group fitness class with Devin and found him to be knowledgeable, patient, supportive, and encouraging. He gave us a different workout each time and kept things positive and fun, while making sure we really enjoyed our total body work out.
    Aaryn P.
  • I started using Devin Burke as a personal trainer in January and knew right away that he was an exceptional trainer. His knowledge of the skeleton and muscles, along with his experience in a physical therapy facility, results in a superior workout. We did a functional workout with a concentration on building muscle and core strength. Devin incorporated many different types of exercises, including TRX, resistance bands and some equipment. If you have any issues, such as back problems, Devin will have you do alternative moves so that you will get the benefit of a full session. My goals were set in January and by April I had exceeded them. I was thrilled! Not only did he make this possible, but I also had a lot of fun along the way. I can recommend, without any reservation, using Devin Burke as a personal trainer. The only thing you have to lose is weight and flab!
    Kathy K.
  • I began an exercise program recently and wanted to be sure I was utilizing my time and effort at the gym where I live and not just wasting my time. Justin came by and explained to me the various methods of exercise to utilize in my gym with the treadmills and exercise equipment. He was very knowledgeable regarding burning calories knowing the best times of day to exercise, the foods to stay away from, and is an overall very nice guy. I have lost 20lbs and look forward every morning to going to the gym. I am eating well and have a new outlook on life. I would recommend Justin. He is extremely knowledgeable in exercise programs and staying fit and healthy. Thanks Justin for the skills and inspiration I needed!
    Gary H.

About our Coaches

  • About Justin Barr

    Justin Barr MS, CSCS Certified Personal Trainer/Founder Email: Phone: (941) 773-2484 Justin, a leader in the fitness industry has the knowledge and education to achieve the maximum results. His experience as a fitness professional has enabled him to work with professional and collegiate athletes to doctors in the medical field to leaders in the corporate world. His knowledge and application of scientifically proven, research-based fitness programs ensure the safety of those with medical conditions including but not limited to: treatment of cardiac rehabilitation, knee and hip replacement, as well as sports injuries. Whether you are a college or professional athlete, lead an inactive lifestyle, or are recovering from an injury, Justin will use his extensive knowledge of exercise science to devise training programs that will exceed your needs to keep you healthy, fit, and functional. Be Fit, Fueled, and Focused!
  • About Devin Burke

    Devin Burke BS, CPT​​ Certified Personal Trainer Email: Phone: (941) 773-2484 Devin has over 5 years experience working as a personal trainer, a Therapeutic Technician in a physical therapy clinic, and has knowledge in the area of nutrition and weight management. His scope of education covers every angle of health and wellness. He specializes in post-rehab functional training, strength training, sport specific training, and senior fitness. Devin believes that wellness is a lifestyle and a choice. He is committed to empowering all of his clients to reach their goals as well as become the best version on them self. ​Live your dream!